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Refund policy

lonsdorshop.co.uk Refund Policy:

After confirmation will the customer services, we will refund you within 24 hours, you can check your paypal address to get the refund. and in this condition we will charge you 10% handling fee.
If you returned the items to exchange for other lower price item, we will refund partial to you as agreed.
If you returned for higher valued items, you need to pay the money difference, confirmation with seller. 
If you order the wrong items by yourself, you need to return us the whole package and when we receive the item, we will refund to you but need to minus the shipping freight.
If you returned to repair only,  we provide one year warranty and we can repair to you for free, and resend to you again by post. If you need to resend by express, need to pay 30usd to us.